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When you are a successful regional grocery/ deli catering business like Santoni’s of Glyndon - one that is well known and loved by the community, you can rest assured that you are doing a lot of things right. And though you are a forward thinking and progressive business, there is a certain comfort level in being in such a position.

But when a huge national competitor known for eating up the smaller competition moves into the marketplace , a paradigm shift occurs . Suddenly you are faced with an identity crisis. You need to reevaluate everything to that you are doing and reclaim the segment of the market that is the core of your business and maintain the loyalty of your customers.

For the owners of Santoni’s the solution to this situation was to implement an extensive store and image redesign that would reflect the fine quality and service that they brought to the community.

As part of the redesign team we were responsible for the marketing program to include brand redesign, website redesign, packaging, advertising, signage, vehicle graphics and store interior color systems. As a result Santoni’s stabilized their market share and expanded their business by implementing a fine catering division that moved outside their current geographic limitations.


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