Paring Down Workers' Compensation Costs.

Being in the workers' compensation industry presents unique challenges, especially in marketing. Explaining that you don't sell insurance and yet can save companies thousands of dollars in premiums only adds to the challenge. But that's what The Guilford Group, as it was formerly known, had done over ten years. Staffed with experts who specialize in helping corporations, insurers and reinsurers reduce lost workdays, litigation and medical costs, Guilford had its niche. And yet, the message was getting lost in their marketing.

With no web presence and an image caught in the 90s, it seemed now was the perfect time to launch a new corporate identity. The first mission was to rename the business.

Guilford needed a name that would better describe its services, while retaining some of the equity it had gained from its old marketing efforts. Our solution was to let the marketing strategy drive the name change. The Guilford Group, a company known for paring down costs would become GuilfordPare. The pear would become its graphic symbol. The GuilfordPare name and pear logo would communicate exactly what the company was about.

The distinctive images of the surrealist René Magritte became the inspiration for a series of illustrations that define a new reality, where everyday objects and situations are transformed in unexpected ways. This new identity and marketing campaign shows that GuilfordPare can look at complex issues and simplify them - as well as look at everyday situations and see the reality that is hidden from view.

We, together with GuilfordPare's owners, planned an event for the rebranding announcement. An industry wide convention was targeted and all materials were prepared for the debut at this event. A morning breakfast was scheduled and invitations to customers, prospects, and the press were distributed without tipping the hand. GuilfordPare debuted its new identity with press packages featurings a company backgrounder and new releases outlining new acquisitions. This approach proved valuabe in securing favorable press and industry-wide awareness of the new GuilfordPare.

Though rebranding is often considered a tedious and disruptive task, for GuilfordPare, it became the stimulus for new business, an emotional lift for the staff and in itself, a valuable event.


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