The Age of Lifestyle Marketing is Born.

In the past ten years of credit card marketing, banks have gone to great lengths to find what makes cardmembers tick. It used to be enough to have a Visa card and if you were among the chosen, an American Express. Then, cards came in metallic colors to determine who had spending power. The Gold Card, regardless of its issuer, said you had arrived. Gold bowed to Platinum only to be surpassed by Titanium.

Then researchers found that if consumers were inclined to have designer clothes, special edition cars and cartoon characters on their checks, then they would want a credit card to reflect their life's passions. So began the rush to offer credit cards that reflected the way we lived and played.

First USA Bank has a strong reputation for being a credit card marketer. So the card they issue has to look good. Thus, the introduction of the full color photographic image credit card. Plastics with character, reflecting your profession and lifestyle.

The age of Lifestyle Marketing was born and set into high gear. First USA began to offer credit card for Accountants to Veterinarians and Lifestyle Cards for Art Connoisseurs to Scuba Divers. Soon, Farmers, Golfers, Nurses, RV Enthusiasts and Speech Pathologists were flashing a custom designed, full color card that reflected the way they earned their money and the way they spent it.

We were tapped by First USA Bank to create Lifestyles Marketing - Our mission was simple really - take any profession or lifestyle, design a series of credit cards and market them in every way possible.We designed over 60 full color full page ads and package inserts that featured a simple message showing an icon for the profession or lifestyle. That icon reflected the cards being offered and carried a campaign theme of "Every profession requires a few good tools." Ads were placed in lifestyle-specific publications and application inserts distributed in numerous cooperative direct marketing channels nationwide.

As the concept caught fire, we found greater efficiencies in marketing multiple lifestyles together in one message. It made sense that if you liked Art you probably also like Fine Wine. With this information in hand, we began to "bundle" lifestyles together and offer enthusiasts multiple options. Efficiencies were gained in marketing these bundled passions in more general lifestyle magazine and insert channels. Opportunities online were found and with the click of a mouse, the card that best fit your profession or lifestyle could be yours.


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