Selling with the Universal Language of Music.

As the largest and oldest provider of accounts receivable insurance, EULER American Credit Indemnity (EULER ACI) provides credit management solutions for more than 160 companies worldwide. Rated AA+ by Standard and Poors, EULER ACI is owned by EULER, the world's premier credit insurer.

In theory, having such a position in the industry should make marketing pretty easy, but in reality, EULER ACI faced a most difficult task: delivering direct mail pieces into the hands of chief executives of major corporations. Prior DM campaigns to this select market had limited results.

We were asked to develop a concept that would make a memorable statement about EULER ACI while familiarizing the prospect with its capabilities and products. Follow-up would then be made on a personal basis once the direct mail piece was delivered. To accomplish this task, we designed a program called "Relaxing Music to Export By." The platform for showcasing EULER ACI's products and services in a simple package gave executives the basics of international credit management in an easy to read, large-type brochure accompanied with a symphonic music CD. The music CD reinforced the mailing while relating the ease of doing business with EULER ACI.

Special care was taken with the target list. Telemarketing was implemented to contact each executive's assistant to update information and ask permission to forward the free CD.Tthe result was a handsome package designed to leave a lasting impression on this very difficult prospect market. As a result, targeted CEOs were much more receptive to EULER ACI's Telemarketing efforts and the response rate increased by 655% over the previous mailing. Additional music CDs were produced for distribution at trade shows and sales appointments, each with a mini brochure inserted into the jewel box. A corresponding trade advertising campaign was produced for trade journals to complement the direct marketing effort.


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